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It's a fact that 40% of the world population will live in urban area's by 2030. Together with the changing consumer trends this causes that the current fundamentals of traditional renting do not match with the needs and wants of the new generation.
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Our innovative approach to design allows us to create more living units in less space.

Asset class of the future

We're not the only ones that thinks coliving is the future of Real Estate. The CBRE Coliving Report 2020 states that 'Vacancies are less than 3% and waiting lists reach far beyond the current supply. And we expect it to increase even more'.

High yields on rent
Higher efficiency with more units per unit
Huge growing market
With a  growth of 20 to 25% per year
Convertable space
Easily convertible to residential units
Solid investment
Sustained long-term asset value with low-key operation
We take care of the tenants, the building and the business
Adapt to the changing urban population with your portfolio

Our proces

It starts with an introduction where we define each other's needs. Together we look for the right real estate position where our architects optimize the floor plans for a co-living operation. Our teams take care of the renovation, furnishing and work to start up the operation in order to create a healthy operation.

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